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  Golden Trailers is a family owned brand, operating out of southern Indiana.  We build a wide variety of trailers ranging from Utility, Tilt, Dump, Flat & Horse Trailers.  There are several models and variations within each of these categories of trailers


Utility Trailers
If you are looking for something to move the lawn mower around, take the ATV’s on a trail ride, haul a car from place to place, or get the skid loader to the job site….
Golden Trailers has a trailer for the job

Flatbed Trailers
If you need something to haul hay out of the field, or get your backhoe to the next work site you can find the right Golden Flatbed for the job.  There are several options that make this a very versatile model of trailers.

Dump Trailers
Whether it is a “weekend warrior” residential project, or major construction….Golden Trailers has a wide variety of Dump Trailer models & sizes to suit your needs.

Horse Trailers
On top of all these “work related” trailers Golden also has a growing line of Horse Trailers.  When it’s time to relax and hit the trails, you can get your horse there in one of the growing
line of Golden Horse Trailers.

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